Nonna's Secret Recipe Cheesecake x12 portions

Our luxury Cheesecakes are handcrafted to our Nonnas secret recipe using a delicate blend of the finest cheeses & Panna, This make our Cheesecake unique. The finest, lightest & creamiest cheesecake in the market place.

Fresh Strawberry & White Chocolate   After Dinner Mint   
Scottish Tablet             
Sicilian Lemon     
Nutella Hazelnut    
Chocolate Brownie 
Wispa Gold 
Glaxay Ripple
Fererro Rocher
Jammie Dodger


Fresh Strawberry Glaze
Lotus Biscoff
Kinder Bueno
Millionaire Caramel shortbread
White Chocolate  flavoured with Milkybar
Coconut made with Bounty
Cookies n Crema with Oreo
After Dinner Mint

Mint Aero


Nonna's freezable Cheesecake x12 portions

We have adapted our original recipe to allow customers to freeze. Meaning no waste!

Nonna's Authentic Tiramisu

Now when we say Tiramisu, we MEAN Tiramisu!

At Nonnas we are keeèing it real.... Yes ours contains eggs, mascarpone and is made with passion just the way every Italian Nonna makes it.

Orignal Tiramisu -Fresh Fragola-Banana with Nutella

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Nonna's Taste Of Home Range

For restaurants who thrive to offer a true taste of Italy, let Nonnas look after your sweet menu.Wrap up your customers dining experience with a truly authentic treat that deserves pride of place on your menu!


Torta Della Nonna

image0 (3).jpeg

Torta   Caprese

Authentic Tiramisu 
Torta Della Nonna
Torta Caprese
Ricotta e Pera
Panna Cotta
Bavarian Torta
Cremoso'-Chocolate & Pistachio
Nutella Torta
Lotus Biscoff  Torta
Cookies n  Cream Torta
Peanut Butter & Chocolate Torta
Chocolate Fudge Torta
Victoria Sponge
Fragola (Strawberry) Tarts